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This section is designed to give you, as a nominated keyholder a brief, but informative guide to your duties.


Q. What are my responsibilities as a keyholder?
A. As a named keyholder for a property you will be contacted in the event that the police need to gain access or secure a property and the owner/resident of the property in question cannot be contacted.

As a named keyholder you will be asked to attend to the property in question, for this reason it is helpful if you live within 20 minutes from the property.

You should make the person whom you are the keyholder for aware of periods when you will not be available for example, holidays.

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Q. How will I know if the keyholder is required?
A. You will receive a call from the police who will inform you that your attendance is required at the property.
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Q. When an alarm is activated and I am called to the property what will I be expected to do?
A. In the event of the property having an alarm which has been activated, as a keyholder you will be expected to do the following:
  • Attend the premises without delay with the property keys.
  • If the police are in attendance, make yourself known to them and assist them as necessary.
  • Turn off the sounding alarm as soon as possible.
  • You must check that the building is clear and ensure that there is no damage to the property.

If repairs do need to be carried out, it is your responsibility to organise them e.g. call a locksmith or glaziers. The Suffolk SAFEKey Database may hold information on a property owner's preferred repair service and police attending the incident can retrieve this information if it has not already been provided.

Finally, when the property is safe to leave, reset any alarm system and lock up the property.

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Q. Do I have to know the alarm system or will there be someone to help me reset the alarm?
A. You are fully responsible for resetting the alarm on the property and must know exactly how this is done. It is best to liaise with the property owner in order to gain a thorough understanding of how to operate the alarm system.
Be prepared - know the following:
  • The location of the alarm control panel, sensors and contacts.
  • The alarm panel PIN number and verification password/details in the event of having to speak to the alarm company.
  • Entry and exit routes when the alarm is set.
  • The alarm company's contact details in the event of complications.
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Q. When will the police attend alarm activation and when won't the police attend?
A. Information on this matter and its policies is provided by Association of Chief Police Officers.
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You can register via the hotline on 08444 121 802 (Lines are open between 8:00am - 8.00pm Monday to Friday and 9:00am - 3:00pm Saturday). Calls are charged at the national rate. Hint: If registering by phone download and complete the postal registration form before you call.

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